Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ain't no sunshine

Why is it that when it comes to outfits and fashion blogs, the focus on weather can sometimes make it feel a bit like a weather blog?

It rained two of three days in Kobe, and then upon returning to HK, the weather turned and it feels like it's rained for two weeks straight.  Actually, today was a gorgeous sunny day.  Finally. (Though I didn't get to take an outfit pic.  I'm still catching up with ones I haven't posted).

When the rain first started, I feel like all I wore was variations on this outfit - a slouchy sweatshirt, skinny jeans and my army jacket with flats.  If I have a rainy day uniform, it's this.

When the rain got really bad, I pulled out the gum boots.  I have to admit, I love a good reason to pull those out.

Outfit pics: BDG jeans from Urban Outfitters, H&M jacket, slouchy sweatshirt from Stanley Market, hair bow from American Apparel, NARS lipstick Funny Face, jewelry from Stanley also.


Unknown said...

Great look for rain, I love the jacket! I wish it would rain/snow where I live!


Unknown said...

It's a definitely cute rainy day look! It's hard to go all out when it's rainy because you know that whatever you wear/(do to your hair) it's just going to get all wet and blah! This is perfect though and the red lips add an extra nice pop!


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