Thursday, October 18, 2012

Seeing spots and bling

This is a more typical me outfit.  

Actually, no. I'm both the bright colors and the neutrals.

I feel like I'm giving a tour of my secret alleys in Stanley.  This orange wall is just around the corner from my pink alley and lines the way to all the potted plants and the stairs.

I love that it's blazer weather now.  It's come early this year.  And, I love this blingy necklace.  I had my eye on it for so long in this little stairway shop in Stanley.  I finally bit the bullet and bought it a while back. I'm so glad I did. At first I thought it might be too flashy for me, which was why I hesitated.  But actually, I find that it accessorizes the most classic of outfits (a blazer) quite nicely.  

On a side note, I have never been more glad to reach a Friday.  The weekend is here (and a four day one at that)!  It's been a marathon week.  Complications at every turn.  This weekend, I'll be visiting the Island East Markets again on Sunday and celebrating the hubby's birthday.  

Outfit details: thrifted Zara blazer, Marc Jacobs t-shirt (handed down), Sam Edelman oxfords, pants from Jardine's Market,  blingy necklace from Stanley Market

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