Saturday, October 6, 2012

Good things: Island East Markets

I feel guilty dwelling on negatives.  I am a (sometimes) annoyingly optimistic person.  So, thank you for the kind comments on my previous post about feeling like I'm in a bit of a fashion slump.  I'm working on un-slumping myself, and will get back on track soon.  Still, I don't want it to seem that I always feel peachy, so therefore, I try to stay honest.

That said, there are some really good things that I am itching to share.  I may have to write a series of Good Things.  The first is Hong Kong's newest farmer's market, Island East Markets in Quarry Bay, which debuted last Sunday.

Having lived eight years in Wisconsin, I was spoiled by Madison Farmers Market.  It took place every Saturday and ran from late April through early November.  I also really love going to the Brooklyn Flea and other similar markets when we visit NYC each summer.  There's something to be said about supporting local markets and artisans.  I'm a big believer.

Anyhow, I was thrilled last Sunday to wander around the market and see the variety of vendors present.  There really seemed to be something for everyone. 

In addition to the organic produce, 

there were food stalls and cooking demonstrations, 

arts and crafts activities and face painting for the kids, 

live music and a lawn for people to sit on and listen, 

and some beautiful vintage clothing for me.

My favorite was this one, a shared venture between Vintage & and My Fashion Birdcage.  The clothing is beautiful, sourced mostly in Asia and really reasonably priced.  Each have an online shop and a facebook page, which I've linked.

Anyone in the Hong Kong area really must go and check this market out.  They've made a definite plan to go for four weeks, and hopefully with steady interest, they'll stay longer.



Looks like fun!

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