Sunday, October 21, 2012

Good things: The Cupping Room

Big news for my favorite coffee shop!

I have, of course, known they were amazing, but now they've been recognized as award-winning by the rest of Hong Kong.  (Derek won first place and Pak won third place, to be precise).  How fantastic!

Pak, Kieve, and Derek.  (Only missing Man, who had the day off).
I mean, I'll be wrecked now.  Can you imagine?  Drinking coffee made by the number one and three barista in Hong Kong.  How can I ever go anywhere else?

Not that I really want to go elsewhere.  I'm so happy for my friends at The Cupping Room.  I've not felt a connection to a coffee shop like this since I lived in Madison and went to Cool Beans Cafe.

At The Cupping Room, I never feel like I'm sitting in a shop, but rather hanging out in a really cool friend's living room, listening to good music and catching up.

Congratulations Derek and Pak!

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