Monday, September 3, 2012

Summer's last hurrah

For those of you celebrating Labor day today, it's straight onto Fall after this.

Fall is just slightly different in Hong Kong.  We're not kissing those hot steamy days goodbye just yet.

Slowly and subtly, the breezes will get cooler and the humidity will ease.  We'll start to feel the need for  a wrap or a cardigan.

Wearing jeans will become a fathomable clothing option in the morning.  Or, maybe even tights!

That happens sometime in October.  But, the nights will begin to cool, slightly, after Mid Autumn Festival (Lantern festival) this month.  Until then, I will hang onto the summer pieces I picked when I was on holiday, like these shorts from Kennedy's etsy shop.  Actually, the head scarf and the necklace remind me of my summer holiday, too.  Sigh.

Outfit details:  Topshop tank top, American Apparel head scarf, vintage shorts from Kennedy Holmes on Etsy, necklace from mobile boutique in Santa Monica


Unknown said...

such cute shorts! love the pattern and how you rulled them up!


Hope Adela Pasztor said...

I love those shorts! =)

Unknown said...

Your hair is looking really terrific! I actually think that length goes perfectly with the hair bows & bandana's, it looks so cute.

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