Wednesday, September 26, 2012

In the nick of time

This week has gotten away from me.  I intended to write this post on Friday last week.  Here I am nearly at Thursday this week.  I wanted to tell you about a last minute feat of motherhood.  Remembering on the day little Cally's lantern was due to be entered into the competition that we still needed to make it.  

I mean, I was prepared.  I had planned ahead.  We'd bought the paper, and all the materials.  I just didn't have a minute.  Until I miraculously found thirty before work (lucky it was a late start) to get her lantern done.  She was pleased, so that's all that matters.

But, it goes to prove how busy our lives are these days.  Kids activities after school, the hubby's coaching, meetings (I supervise a dance club and our environmental club), etc.  I've resorted to waking up early at least two mornings of the weekday to run on the track, just to be sure to get some exercise.  This week, I haven't been able to.

I'm absolutely exhausted.

Anyhow, we're one day (or so) away from a lovely week off.  Much needed.  Much anticipated.

I hope I'll be able to catch up then.  (I have outfit pics, just no posts).  Bear with me.


Putri said...

oh what a sweet thing! her lantern looks lovely. great job!

livlovelaugh said...

omg she's sooooo adorable~


Unknown said...

Spot on, I feel time going much faster then I would like.
I hadn't visited here for a while its good to catch up with you lovely!

Jiglycious said...

she is soooo cute and adorable <3

anyway wanna follow each other? just let me know ;)

please kindly visit my blog at


- ME - Fashion Blog said...

You have three very cute kids dear!!! Started following back!

Ag said...

I have been seeing a lot of mothers saying there exhausted today, your child is beautiful and all your hard work as a mother will pay off soon enough, don't fret!

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