Saturday, September 29, 2012

Grungy glamour

Some time last week, I pinned a look that inspired this one.

Fall is no longer just a hint in the air, it's really here.

Mostly, that just means it's breezier.  But, light layering is now possible.

I liked the idea of pairing this white maxi dress with a flannel to dress it down.

 And, I'm loving my scarves again.

Outfit details:  J Crew dress from Stanley market, UO flannel shirt, necklace and feather bracelet from Scarlett, other accessories from Stanley, Saltwater Sandals


sasha said...

I'm really loving the scarf headband! You made me want to go dig out my old vintage scarves...


Jiglycious said...

I love the way you put that scarf. you look so chic and adorable <3

anyway I'm already following you back, hopefully we can always keep in touch..


Unknown said...

Love the maxi dress, great outfit!

- ME - Fashion Blog said...

So cool! Love how effortless you style this outfit! great! follow each other?

Unknown said...

CUTE! I love when you wear head scarves... you totally pull them off so well!


five stones vintage said...

Hi Norbyah, really digging the headscarf! It is made that way or do you actually tie it? Love the look :)

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