Friday, August 17, 2012

Time to breathe

Typhoon Kai-tak decided to stick around, giving kids the day off today.  We teachers got a late start since the signal was dropped to a T3 early this morning.

My fourth grader.

Despite having to show up to work, it was just the easy morning that I needed for the Friday of our first week of school.  The hubby and I took the kids out to play on the field while we went for a run around the track.  I even had time to enjoy a morning coffee at home!

My first grader.

Now I'm at school, managing to do a little catch up with colleagues and to get planned ahead.

The kids are getting so big.  When did I get a teenager?

The morning was a little harder for our littles, who were raring to go this morning.  After only two days of school, they were a little disappointed that they couldn't go today.

Cally has been especially excited about school.  Everyday, she wakes up and asks me if she'll get to meet her teacher like the other two did this week.  She's so excited to go back.  I love it.

I always make sure to take these first day of school pictures each year.  They are such milestone moments, but I realize that they are coming around faster than I'm ready for them.


jac said...

The kids are growing up so quickly! Why is time running away from us?!

jac said...

It's Jessie Cheng (since you probably can't tell from jac)

May said...

I am so proud of them!!! Growing up so fast...

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