Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cut and color

Day one of styling my new cut was...

a success!

I thought I'd wear my bright orange pants to distract, just in case my hair got super poofy by the end of the day.  I managed to keep it tame with the same product I used with long hair, but I had to use a lot more of it.

There were people who noticed that I'd whacked off a foot of my hair, and others who thought I'd just decided to curl it.  It turns out my natural wave has a little less weight to hold it down and the humidity just encourages it to go wild.

Looking back at these pictures, I realize how much darker my hair looks now that the faded ends have been cut off.  And, I recognize that in almost all of my recent outfit posts, I'm still wearing these Saltwater sandals.  Favorite purchase of the summer.  Hands down.

As an aside, one of my favorite etsy shops, Five Stones Vintage, is hosting a giveaway.  Check the details and visit their site.


jac said...

love your outfit and definitely loving your hair!

five stones vintage said...

Hi Norbyah, great blog you've got here.

Your hair doesn't look poofy - in fact, i'm all for poof!

I LOVE Saltwater Sandals too. Trying to get them in more colors.

Thanks for the shout out! Hope your purchases arrive soon. :)

Kremb de la Kremb said...

3 things: love the hair, love the outfit, and love the wall! Op there's a 4th! The saltwater sandals too.

Have a great weekend.

A x


Your new hairstyle is gorgeous on you; I love that bohemian/surfer quality it has. You carry it -- and orange pants! -- off beautifully! So pleased to have discovered your lovely blog, and am following you now :)

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