Monday, July 16, 2012

Vintage in Brooklyn

Williamsburg has a vibe that is entirely different from the West Village.  Spending the last few days getting to know my youngest sister's neighborhood, I've grown to really love the vibe here.

For starters, people have a style all their own.  It's not always on trend, but rather eccentric and vintage-y.  And, there is some really excellent food to be eaten (and my hubby has been posting pictures on his tumblr).  

But for me, it's the great vintage shopping to be had.  From Artists and Fleas and the Brooklyn Flea to Horizons and 10 ft by Stella Dallas right by her house.

There are also some great coffee shops in the area as well.  My favorite are Blue Bottle and Toby's up near Bedford.

 I spent my first day with my sister exploring some of the vintage haunts and more wearing one of my latest vintage purchases from Steffy's Pros and Cons, this silk blouse.  The hot air balloon print got me immediately.  I'm such a sucker.  The blouse is 100% silk and loose fitting, so it made walking around in the 90+ degree weather much more bearable.  The delicious iced coffees helped, too.

I'm finishing up this post that I started a few days ago from my in-laws' house in the midwest.  I can't believe three weeks in New York flew by so quickly.  I hate goodbyes, especially leaving my sisters.  When we pulled away from my sister's in Brooklyn, my Ella was sobbing and Cally kept wondering why they couldn't come with us.  I hadn't anticipated that they'd get as sad as I do, but clearly they do.  And, it didn't make my leaving any easier.  While I managed to hold it together to comfort the kiddos, I woke up this morning feeling really low.  Oh well, I guess it's how I know we had so much fun.

Three more restful weeks here before we're back home to HK.

Outfit details:  hot air balloon print blouse - Tea and Tulips (Steffy's shop), American Apparel shorts, Brooklyn Charm necklace, Artist and Fleas earrings, custom made sandals in Hong Kong, Tom Ford sunnies


Malak Laraki - Your Paris Photographer said...

fun shirt!!


May said...


Unknown said...

hey norbyah :)
loving the printed shirt and shorts, cute combo and hope u're enjoying the states

xx nathan.niche

Unknown said...

LOVE that blouse - is it from Steffy's shop?! I contemplated getting it myself - so cheerful and fun!


Unknown said...

the blouse is SO cute on you lady!!


Rowantree Design said...

Hi Norbah

I will miss your posts from NYC, can't wait to read your blogs from the Mid West. Hope you find some great vintage there too! Looking forward to your blogs from HK. xx Roberta Great shirt and shorts, you look hot!

lisa signorini said...

Thanks soooooo much for your lovely commen and to be' my newest follower! I follow you Too!
I'm waiting for u on Instagram!
Lisa S. Per

islabell said...

I love Brookly thrifting too! That blouse you snagged from Steffy is adorable. My heart skipped a beat when I noticed that print! xx

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