Sunday, July 22, 2012

Small town living

The pace of our vacation has slowed down significantly in the last week.  You see, we've left the city and we're visiting the in-laws in small town Illinois.

The kids are getting lots of backyard time.  And so are we.

We're visiting with the neighbours.  In fact, as we were snapping these pictures in front of a neighbour's house, they came out to shoot the breeze.  Mostly we talked about how hot it's been.

We go for walks and bike rides, especially in the evening.  We've been cruising through town (and we had to explain what that was to our kiddos).

My big girl asked me yesterday, Mummy, do you know all these people?  And, of course, I don't.  Why is everyone waving at us then?  

So, we had a little talk about the charming qualities of being in a small town.  

There are so many that we city dwellers don't get to experience.  The smell of clothes that have been dried outside on a clothes line, the feel of real grass under our bare feet, finding worms, bugs and bees, collecting sticks and rocks, running around outside after dinner, checking the mail, playing hide and seek, tag and other games that require a back yard and bomb pops after lunch.

These are the lazy days of summer.

Outfit details:  Old Navy tank, mint cotton skirt from Horizons vintage shop in Brooklyn, Saltwater Sandals (new!), jewelry from Stanley, HK and Brooklyn markets, Michael Kors watch, Schwinn bicycle (my mother-in-law's)


Unknown said...

I really like these pictures, very summery and that skirt is sweet! Monika.

May said...

love the outfit. and especially your new sandals!!!

Seeking Style said...

Look hoe cute you are!

xo Jennifer

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