Wednesday, July 4, 2012

On this corner

I'm trying very hard to do the New York underwhelmed reaction to spotting celebrities.  But, try as I might, and as much as I'd like to be a New Yorker, I'm not.  I've seen some good ones.  The Olsen twins (stooping it down the street), Spike Lee, Heidi Klum, and on this trip, Amy Poehler (whose adorable son played with Cally at the park the other day).  The coolest so far happened yesterday.  Right here, on this corner.  

I finally, finally, in my many trips here, got to see my sister's neighbour, Liv Tyler.  It was kind of surreal.  She was unpacking her car and talking about how she'd beaten her friends back into the city.  And, my goodness, she's stunning.

But, enough about that.  Something else happened on this corner a few days ago.  

I slipped out quickly with Buddy so he could snap these outfit pictures and we could look for a water gun to keep him cool at the park.  The outfit was handed down to me by my sister's very sweet friend, who had remembered that I'd admired her shorts just like these.  On our way back to the house, we walked past this same corner and I noticed that someone else was being photographed by another blogger.  I don't know who he was, but it was fairly obvious because he was showing her the pictures and kind of posing her for a street style shoot.

I was kind of tickled by it all.  Such a New York moment, I guess.  And, I can't say that this corner hasn't been used before.  A few months back, The Sartorialist used it for a street style picture as well.

By the way, the hubby has seen him twice now.

Outfit details:  American Apparel corduroy shorts and Mark Jacobs t-shirt (an awesome gift!), bracelets and scarf various markets in Hong Kong, Michael Kors watch


May said...

you look so cute! btw HK is crazy hot now too... it's very uncomfortable haha. and i am so jealous you saw celebs.. do it for me, take a photo with one of them? ;)

Julian Booth said...

looking pretty, i would love to suggest you should work more on posing your self for better snaps.All this are not bad but not up to mark. so good luck.looking forward to see more new pics from you.

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Unknown said...

How are you going to be able to leave New York when its time to go back!!

Unknown said...

I'm loving this sweet little outfit on you! the polka dots, the scarf in your hair and those perfect blue shorts - perfection!


Rowantree Design said...

OMG I havn't seen any celebs and I am almost gone home, I should wear my gasses perhaps! Love your outfit.

Unknown said...

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