Sunday, July 8, 2012

New York Aquarium

Even with the searing heat, we decided to go on an adventure to Coney Island to see the Aquarium.

On our last trip to NYC two summers ago, Buddy and Joey explored the amusement park, which we could see as we walked on the bridge from the subway to the aquarium.

We walked along the boardwalk and briefly looked out at Brighton Beach.  No one was walking, which was a sheer indicator of the heat and it was only lunch time.

After buying our admission tickets, we took a small detour to Totonno's Pizza for lunch.  It was worth the walk and Cally ate almost four pieces on her own.

We were stuffed to the gills, so the long walk back to the aquarium was good exercise. 

By far, our family's favorite exhibit at the aquarium was the underground viewing of the walruses and the sea lions.

Not only did the air conditioning actually work, but there weren't many people crowding the windows either.  It almost felt like we weren't supposed to be in there.

The walruses and sea lions were really playful as well, coming around regularly to the window so we could have a close encounter with them.

The kids just ran back and forth between the sea lions and the walruses.

Seeing them so closely, deliberately bumping their tummies up against the glass, I felt like a kid again, too.  


May said...

Aquariums are my ultimate favorite place to be. Looks like so much fun.

buddy looks so grown up in the fourth photo!

Ester Durães said...

oh the aquarium looks fantastic! :) here in Portugal we have an aquarium called 'Oceanário', it's the second biggest in the world and I can't help but loving going there, just like you, I feel like a kid again! :)

Drawing Dreaming

cyeh said...


Looks like you are enjoying yourself in NYC! Definitely miss it but I am loving LA so far!!

Hope you and the fam are doing well!

besbes said...

the second last one is my favorite. just buddy and the sea lion connecting. he's really grown a lot

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