Friday, June 8, 2012

A time for graduations

It's such a bittersweet time of year.

Along with celebrations for accomplishments achieved comes the realization that a stage in life has come to its end.

My sweet Ella has been in her local Cantonese school for four years.  This year, she graduates from K3 and moves on from St. Peter's forever.  I'm so thankful for her teachers, for the confidence they've helped nurture in her; and I'm so thankful for the great friendships Ella will take with her.  I feel a pinch of sadness at knowing that they may perhaps drift apart, a little, but I hope that they'll remain good friends since they've know each other since they were babies.

The graduation ceremony was extra special this year because it marked Cally's first year in nursery school also.  She and Ella took the stage together to perform a rendition of Noah's Ark.

Cally likes the stage.

I was a little nervous for Cally because she is really afraid of loud noises, dark spaces and unpredictable situations.  (She hates going to the movies and I spend a good portion of the movie walking in and out of the theatre).  But, she shined on stage!  She smiled, she waved and she clearly had fun.  I was so proud.  At one point she even looked directly at us in the audience and said I'm on stage!

I really loved how Ella and Cally's classes were on stage together.

Though it made it difficult to get clear pictures of them both, I was glad that for this one year that they were in school together, they could also take the stage together.  Ella's friend Tia (the cat) helped Cally with her costume and her steps.

Ella and her friend Lena had a solo (but the pictures were blurry).

We took the graduates out for lunch after the ceremony.  Ella's good friend Izzy came home with us for a quick play.  It was a full day.

Tonight is high school graduation.  Among the students who are moving on are these two.  My HKD senior leaders.  My friends.  

Saying goodbye will be hard.


Unknown said...

awww these photos are so sweet! this is a bittersweet time of year... every graduation marks a new step... things will never be the same (but in a good way!). It's hard to let go but also very exciting to see what awaits ahead! The photos of the kiddies dressed up just melt my heart!


Unknown said...

Great pictures. Gladly follow you via GFC and Bloglovin!

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