Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A parade of a day

Day one of our NYC stay was the best.

We were ready for hot steamy, weather after the June gloom in LA, and Sunday was definitely that.

After pottering in the West Village in the morning, going to the park and getting coffee, my youngest sister and her boyfriend came along with us to check out the gay pride parade.

We painted rainbows on our faces to show our support.

We bought rainbow flags and Buddy got a rainbow bracelet.

My big 9 year-old boy decided he didn't want an actual rainbow, but rather thought that having a rainbow light saber on his face was much cooler.  

I was proud that he was old enough to understand our explanation of the gay rights movement and its origins right here at The Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village (just around the corner from where my other sister lives).  He couldn't believe that two people who love each other could actually be banned from marrying each other.

After the parade was winding down, we walked home to hang out on the stoop.

The boys took a stroll to get some cold beverages while we sat to watch the people walk by.  I love this picture and my handsome hubby (in the middle) rocking his summer style.

Buddy was happy to take a quick outfit pic, my first for NYC.

I look forward to many more summer days like this one.

Outfit details:  grey American Apparel top, another pair of $20 HK dollar pants from Stanley Market! and necklace from the mobile boutique in Santa Monica.

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Unknown said...

looks like so much fun!! I love this outfit, those pants are beyond fab and that crop top... u look amazing!


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