Monday, June 4, 2012


I was flattered when one of my students, Vivienne, a very sweet girl who I've had the good fortune to know and watch blossom as a leader of HKD, asked to interview me as part of her senior project on beauty, fitness, and style.  

I've been watching the other You Tube videos on her channel and I'm so proud of her and how brave she is to talk about issues that girls are so insecure about.  She also kept a blog to track the progress on her journey.  

I was also interviewed for another senior project in which two girls put together their own fashion magazine, Dare.  In the interview, the girls stated that I'm "known for being the most fashionable teacher in the high school."   I am incredibly flattered by this, and a little tickled that students have sought me out to ask my opinion on these things, as if I have some kind of experience on the subject.

I never want it to appear that fashion is the only thing that matters to me,  though I do love clothes and dressing up is fun.  

I think that, at my age, I'm just finally comfortable being me.

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