Sunday, June 3, 2012

I *heart* HKD

Another year's HKD showcase is all done and dusted.  On the last night, they danced their hearts out, giving it all they could for each other.  I watched them proudly from the lights booth.  At the end, HKD came out for their curtain call and brought me and my three kids up on stage as one leader, Vivienne, spoke about the bond we have with each other, our HKD family.

A group picture before the show (missing two who had to man the door).

For me, this is the time of year when it finally winds down.  

Buddy in his favorite place, hanging with the HKD boys.

We begin our farewells to friends, colleagues,  my senior leaders of HKD, my graduating students, etc.  

Cally's 'big friend' Alisa.

I usually spend the better part of the next week and a half in a state somewhere between weepy blubbering and exuberant celebration.  

My leaders and I.

And, always on the verge of both.

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