Tuesday, June 19, 2012


It's been a fair bit cooler than we expected for our California visit.  My sister-in-law explained that it's what the locals call June gloom.  Still, we're not feeling gloomy.

Despite not having packed enough to keep us warm, we've been spending time in their new backyard set up complete with fireplace.  It's very cosy.

Today we ventured out to Hermosa Beach, one of my favorite places to bum around when we come.  We walked to the end of the pier in the freezing (to us) wind and admired the coastline, even though it was grey and overcast.  Those blue lifeguard houses are so iconic for the California beaches.

It's funny to not be pregnant on this visit, given that the last two visits (4 and 7 years ago) I was pregnant with my girls.  At first, the thought of eating while we were here this time made me feel queasy.  I'm glad I can eat all the yummy Mexican food without feeling nauseous.

Tomorrow, we're off to Santa Monica, another favorite destination.  I think I'll even plan an outfit post!


Unknown said...

yes, i recognise those blue lifeguard houses from movies..

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

great images! too bad for the June Gloom...but still fun!


Marzena said...

Interesting pictures! Love this family atmosphere ! Kiss x


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