Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Stanley: Hot spots in the market

As I wrap up this My Stanley series on my blog, I decided to walk around the market with my camera on a few afternoons to snap the other places that I visit with some regularity.  These are little shops that I either stop in or wander by every week.  Very often I spend a few moments catching up with the shop keepers as they ask after my children or my father (because I'm usually with my mother).  Sometimes, it's just a friendly wave or a nod and a smile.

I asked permission from all of them before snapping any pictures, and of course, I mentioned what I was using them for.  They were delighted to hear that I was writing about the market, to preserve what I love about it before it changes too drastically.

The fruit stand on the main corner works in conjunction with the juice stand.  They have the most delicious fresh unsweetened juices and they'll always recommend what's good each day.  Our favorites are the mango pineapple and the guava apple.

My t-shirt ladies, Lisa (on the right) with her sister are located on the main lane entering the market, opposite the Delifrance.  They always ask after the kids and my dad.  Every time.  They also have the most gorgeous scarves.

This little shop in the stairway is the only one selling silk anymore (washable silk, too).  Sadly, the others closed down. This one is run by a very smiley Filipino woman who lives upstairs.  

Opposite the silk in the stairs shop is Sandra at the watch shop.  She's there in the back, shying away from my camera.  She giggled and teased me about how I looked like a tourist with my big camera.  One day, when Ella had scraped her elbow just outside Sandra's shop, she was taken in behind, cleaned up and returned to me in a flash.  Sandra always speaks to me (and the girls) in Cantonese, to help me practice.

Just down from Sandra's watch shop is the pearls in the front shop.  Recently, one of my other jewelry shops joined this shop (and I was glad they didn't shut down all together).

I can't tell you how many treasures I've found hiding in their little bins of beads.

Finally, there's the jewelry shop on the stairs to Stanley Family Restaurant (good Cantonese food here). This shop has bags, trinkets, iPhone cases, little hand held fans, jewelry.  You name it.  

And there are still more that I don't have pictures of.  But I don't know names of shops; I know people. Or I give them names of my own based on location or some other factor.  For example, there's the marbles in the floor jewelry shop or the cashmere on the hardware store corner shop.  There's my dry cleaners who ask my kids about school and compliment the girls on their Cantonese or the old philosopher at the far end of the market.  He sells antiques and each one has a story about it's past.  Though sometimes his stories are long-winded, I'm really glad he tells them because it's something we should all remember.

After all, it's why I'm sharing my take on My Stanley.  I hope you've enjoyed it.

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cyeh said...

ooh awesome! I'll definitely come by!! Very excited for HK. :)

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