Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

Happy Mother's Day to all of you mums out there.  A special Happy Mother's Day to my own mother, who I feel so lucky to spend today with.  You are such a big part of our lives here in Hong Kong.  I can't imagine it any other way.

As is tradition, my only wish each year is to get my picture taken with my kids.  
Here's this year's picture.  

My little ones showered me with presents this morning.  I got a sweet poem, a brooch, and a key ring from Ella.  Little Cally couldn't wait any later than Friday afternoon as soon as I walked in the door and gave me her card and apron with handprints that she made at school.  Buddy treated me to an outing in Stanley where he wanted me to pick a necklace from our friend Scarlett.  It was all his idea, and even though I told him that he didn't need to spend his allowance on me, he insisted.  And, he was so proud.  I wore it all day, today. 

This year, Mother's day proved to be busier than normal.  I had a tech rehearsal to supervise for my Hong Kong Dancers in the morning and Buddy kept me company.  He loves to watch HKD. In the afternoon, Ella had a ballet exam.

She had to arrive 90 minutes early for a warm up, practice and to have her hair put in a bun.

Her teacher was on hand to give them all last minute pointers.  She works them hard and holds them to a high standard, but you can see just how much she loves each one of her pupils.

It would be hard to say if my anxiety as Ella's mother could even match her anxiety as their teacher.  What a day!

Cally came along to watch the girls be transformed into ballerinas and to watch them practice.  After it was over, we treated them all to gelato.


Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

Aw, happy mother's day and what a beautiful picture. Ugh, have just realized I forgot to wish one to my mom. We don't really celebrate, but still :(

emily said...

happy mother's day, n! of course, love and miss you. love these photos, all of them, but especially ELLA! what a beautiful young lady. can't wait to see you.

Unknown said...

hey ms nolasco! :)
so funny that u stumbled on my blog, how did u get linked to it? hahaa
yeah i will be back in HK for a short time in early july, would you like to catch up over coffee? sooo much to catch up!

xx nathan.niche


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