Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Loving three

I know I've said it before, but two was hard with this girl.  Really hard.

But three...I'm loving three.

She seems to have just grown into herself.  

Nowadays, there are more moments where I just want to hug her and feel her little arms grip my neck.  She's so articulate.  Yesterday, as she helped me grab something from the fridge, she looked back and said, don't worry Mummy.  She also commented on how lovely the day was.

She knows she's funny and so she loves to carry on, just to hear us all giggle.  Yesterday, she was going on about some imaginary story where she used her "powers."  I just smiled to hear her share the thoughts that were wandering through her mind.

She loves to have conversations her siblings.  And, they enjoy chatting with her.  I love that she's part of the gang.

Of course, she's still opinionated and self determined. There is no question with her that she knows what she wants.  And what she usually wants is to wear her favorite blue dress (because it spins), to have her hair in a headband or tied up like a pirate in one of my scarves (or sometimes both of these things).  You must get these things right.

But she's become such a snuggler.  She likes when Joey tickle scratches her back.  She'll nuzzle right in close when he does it.  And, if he stops, she'll grab his hand and put it back on her back.  He loves it.

Last night, this funny girl ended up in our bed again, but sometime while she was sleeping, she took off her pants.  In the morning, Joey rolled over and asked me why she didn't have any pants on.  We both giggled, perplexed.  She had been talking in her sleep more than usual, so who knows.  Shortly after, she woke up.  I'm freezing!  We laughed.  Of course you are, you took off your pants.  

She's such a character, but my goodness.  How I just love her to bits.

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Cole. said...

Haha she sounds like one fun character! You seem to have a great family. That's really cool :)


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