Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The hubby makes me smile

When it comes to outfit photos, the hubby usually has two consistent bits of feedback:

1)  You're always looking down.  Why don't you smile?  

2)  You really should think about different locations for photos.

Good points.  My hubby is very supportive.

Usually my son or my mum take my outfit photos, but since neither were available, I asked Joey.  When it's Buddy or my mum, I take charge of the photos.  What angle, what I want captured, etc.  

When Joey took these pictures, he took charge.  And, I am usually quite happy for him to do so.  He climbed through windows to get different angles, made suggestions and snapped away.  I left it all to him.  This balcony has seen a lot of use for pictures in the last few weeks because it's just too busy to get out.  I think with Joey's help, it looks quite a bit different than it usually does.

And he's really very easy to smile for.

By the way, before I get through this whole post, I have to say, I found these pants in Stanley Market for 20 HK dollars!  (That's a mere 2.50 US dollars!)

Outfit details:  Topshop top, pants from Stanley Market, sandals from Vickie's, necklace from Stanley Plaza, other jewelry from markets


cyeh said...

What!! Only 20?!? Man I need to get a pair too! Love the necklace as well.

Finally back in HK!! Will try my best to make it to the HKD show to see you guys!! :) What time is it at?

Unknown said...

yes, those pants for $2.50 are a definetly a reason to smile!

This post made me smile!

Seeking Style said...

Haha my boyfriend says the same thing! I rarely look at the camera!

xo Jennifer


Unknown said...

those pants are awesome!


emily said...

i love the 3rd photo of you. one of the best, ever. xoxo

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