Saturday, May 26, 2012

Denim blues

It's another busy weekend.  I had to scramble out the door this morning to a dress rehearsal for my dancers.  Emphasis on the word scramble because it took me a little longer to get going this morning (thanks to a lovely junk trip around to Deep Water Bay for a work farewell party).  It was a most gorgeous night. Perfect temperature.  Clear skies.  Good company.

Whenever mornings are rushed, my go to accessory is always a headscarf.  Easy.

The cotton maxi dress is also an easy, but stylish choice.

The whole look didn't come together until the afternoon, though.  I'd taken my denim jacket into Master Wong to have it converted into a vest.  I could have easily lopped off the sleeves myself, but I also asked Jilly to make the shoulders narrower.

She originally told me the vest would be ready by Monday, but on my trip to The Cupping Room, I stopped to check on it.  To my pleasant surprise, it was ready!  I couldn't wait to put it on.  Then I put on the accessories from yesterday's outfit (that were in my make up bag from yesterday when I changed into my swimmers) and the outfit came together!  

I love when that happens.

A sweet postlude:  On my trip to The Cupping Room, I was touched when the new barista Pak remembered that on my last visit I'd asked about a song that was playing.  When I walked in, Kieve came over and handed me a little slip of paper addressed to me with the song title and artist written on it.  How I love my new coffee shop.  I always feel at home.

Outfit details:  black maxi dress from Kmart, Gap kids denim jacket turned into vest, black sandals from Vickies, Michael Kors watch and other accessories from various markets.

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