Saturday, May 5, 2012


Yesterday morning, I noticed that I'd lost a follower.  I'm pretty sure I was at 41.  Funny how a little thing like that can be disappointing, isn't it?  Sorry to whoever you are that my blog didn't inspire you to follow me anymore.  

I'll keep trying.

After taking this picture, my sweet boy said "there's that beautiful smile."

This skirt was my latest purchase from Fancy Treehouse.  I swear, Coury gets some real gems in her shop.  You have to look.

I think there may be a story behind it, too.  You see, it has an interesting label inside it.  It reads Made with Tender Loving Care by Mom.  Sweet, right?

The label looks just like a clothing label should.  But I keep thinking, what if it's someone's mom who made clothes for her children and used labels that she had made.  Maybe I'm just being sentimental.

Actually, I hope it's not what I think.  I hope that someone didn't actually give away this gorgeous skirt that was made for her by her mother.  The carousel horses on this print are so unique as is the pattern.  There are two box pleats in the very front of this skirt.

Whatever the story may be, it's mine now.

Outfit details:  Fancy Treehouse skirt, Uniqlo t-shirt, Madewell sandals, Michael Kors watch, picture hook necklace, bracelets from random markets


Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

That skirt is amazing! I love carousels and am always searching for carousel prints.

Also, losing followers is a pain, but normal. I lost five or something last week. Sometimes I don't know what I do wrong, but then I guess we need to focus on creating content for ourselves and remember this is a hobby. :)

Stefania B. said...

well....don´t worry now I´m the 41 :)
I love your skirt...the print and the shape is amazing!


The Fashion Philosophy said...

We looooove this! Amazing skirt!

ox from NYC!


Unknown said...

Wow what a great find, love it.

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