Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sunday picnic

Sunday was bright and sunny. 

Ella and Cally

And, quiet.  

Not only has it been raining cats and dogs, but we've had a soccer tournament outside our front door.


While it was entertaining to watch (and our girls won), it certainly made us appreciate the silence when it was all over.

Sunday was one of those days where we didn't really get up to much.  Ella had ballet in the afternoon, but we laid low for most of the morning.  Some of us even napped!

Lunch time snuck up on us, so we just grabbed bits and pieces of things out of our fridge and ended up taking our lunch bites out on the front doorstep and then out on our back balcony.

It felt nice to just hang with the kids.  We'd had three busy nights out (unheard of!) and we needed to reconnect as a family.  

A Sunday picnic was perfect.


Natalie Suarez said...

so so cute! LOVE IT :)



Jessica said...

thanks so much for visiting, these pictures are adorableeee


Sam said...

This is just too cute!


Unknown said...

gorgeous girls! And i love your outfit below. What a cute blog! xo

emily said...

love the photos. can't wait to have all of you in real life. xoxo

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