Monday, April 16, 2012

My Stanley: Master Wong

It didn't take long for Master Wong to become one of my favorite little shops in Stanley.  When the plaza debuted it's new 'facelift' in November, their shop caught my eye.  What struck me first were the warm friendly smiles of Simon and Jilly Wong, who run the shop and whose services many have come to depend on.

These two long-time residents of Stanley have always dreamed of opening a shop here where they live.  They used to commute all the way over to Kowloon (and they still have a shop there), but now they can work closer to home.  I learned all this in one of my first conversations with Simon over a glass of red wine which he offered me when I stopped by.  My Stanley is about people.  I liked his personal touch, inviting people over for a drink and a chat to establish himself and build relationships with future clientele.  It was not a gimmick; it was genuine.

We're so lucky that Master Wong opened here.  People in Stanley didn't really have anywhere to take their clothes for alterations or bring their shoes for repair.  Granted, I had my little lady in the market, but she sticks to hems.  Nothing fancy.  Simon and Jilly Wong are helping people breathe new life back into their favorite garments.

Just two weeks ago, I asked them remove the sleeves off an old Target jacket and now I have a snazzy new vest that I've worn multiple times since. (I just have to catch a sunny day and a free afternoon to snap some outfit pics to share).  

They also brought up the hem on my blue Fancy Treehouse dress which I blogged about here.

What I love most about taking my clothes here is not only do I know that my alterations will be done well, but when I have a conversation about what I'd like done, they will discuss exactly how they can carry out the alterations.  It's clear they know their craft and I completely trust their expertise.  

I am glad that many others in Stanley have recognized their talents, too.  Their little shop seems to be full of work for them and there seems to be a steady stream of people at their door.

I'll be going back.  Soon.

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