Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lovely lace

I love wearing skirts.  Especially pretty ones.

I found this lovely pale pink lace skirt from A Fine Day for Sailing.  I had it sitting in my cart on Etsy for a very long time, hoping that no one else would buy it.  

I thought about it.  Lots.  So I finally bought it along with the pleated black one.  

I'm so glad that it's mine because I'd have been devastated if I'd logged into Etsy one day to discover that it was all of a sudden unavailable.  I did struggle with how to style it, though.  It's so delicate, that I didn't really want to overpower it with anything too complicated, but I also wanted to offset it's femininity a little.  That was why I opted for the wrap-around studded belt and the leather cuff along with the neutral color palette.  

I'm itching to wear it again, but I feel like I should wait.  It's so distinctive, I don't want to overdo it.  And, I have to think up other styling options.  

Any ideas?

Outfit details:  vintage skirt - A Fine Day for Sailing, blouse - Calvin Klein (from the Salvo), belt - Target, Michael Kors watch, jewelry - Stanley Market, sandals - Madewell


★ JASMINE ★ said...

you look gorgeous!

happy wednesday doll!

islabell said...

I love this! You styled this so well. I love the contrast to the lace. Bravo lady!

So happy to see these pics :)

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