Sunday, April 22, 2012

Little birds and bows

We've been inundated with rain the last few days, so there have been no opportunities for outfit pictures. And besides, who wants to look nice when you spend most of the day getting wet?  (The kind of rain we get in Hong Kong renders any umbrella useless).

Yesterday was quite a lovely day so it felt right to attempt to style my hair and clothes.  I'm totally smitten with my little girl's hair bow.  It's dresses up a simple hairstyle so easily.  This grosgrain ribbon one was a gift from my sister and actually is a little girl's bow.

My little girls and I will definitely make a stop into the hair bow store in NYC this summer.  I realized later in the afternoon that I unintentionally put bows in the girls' hair, too, after a colleague commented that it must be 'pretty hair bow day.'

Another thing I'm smitten with is bird prints (and they're everywhere right now).  I remembered this Something Else blouse that I bought when I was in Australia two years ago and thought the weather was perfect for the loose style.  My favorite part of the blouse is actually the cut out back.

My big girl Ella helped me with these pics (usually it's my son), and I had to explain a bit about what she sees in the viewfinder is actually what she'll get.  She is a pretty quick study and she tries hard.  It's certainly more fun than a tripod.  She made me smile in a few pictures, too.

Here's an outtake.  

She giggled when she realized she'd taken a picture of me making a face at little Cally.

Outfit details:  Something Else blouse, BDG jeans, Sam Edelman oxfords, picture hook necklace, Michael Kors watch, vintage locket earrings

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