Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter break

Happy Belated Easter, everyone!

I feel like I'm emerging from under a rock.  I've had Spring Break for the last week, but I've been going into work just about everyday to get things done.  Grades, comments, performance appraisal (called Career Structure).  Basically, I've been working on putting together a porfolio so that I can be assessed as a teacher on a rubric.  I know, it doesn't sound fun, so I'll stop here.  My point is simply, I'm done!

Still, in the ten days we had off of school, I did manage to enjoy a little bit of time with my family.  We had a few outings - mostly to eat - but that counts.  I took my big girl for a pedicure (I had promised her for months).  I used a spa certificate and the hubby took me out for a lovely lunch date at Caprice.

Easter was a much anticipated for the little ones.  We painted eggs, the Easter bunny came, and I made bunny shaped pancakes for brekky.  We had a special Easter lunch at a new Shanghainese restaurant in Stanley followed by a stop in at our favorite coffee shop, The Cupping Room.

Easter Sunday also gave us girls a good excuse to get dressed up.  Cally and I wore our matching American Apparel skirts and Ella put together a spinning skirt ensemble, too.  Lately, my girls make their wardrobe choices based on how well the skirts billow out when they spin. Their spinnability.  It is an important factor, mind you.  I like a good spinnable skirt myself.

Easter morning started with good spring shower.

Sunday afternoon warmed right up and though you cannot tell from these pictures, we enjoyed blue skies, too.  

I love spending time up on the roof as a family.

Outfit details: h&m top, american apparel skirt, dolce vita boots, thrifted jacket, picture hook necklace from cat street


A "cheery" disposition said...

your are such a cool mom, love your style and your girls have great fashion sense too!

.sabo skirt. said...

Cute photos.. Those kids look so pretty..

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jeands said...

i love how you or your kids dress up. lovely photos, btw.

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