Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My sweet Ella

Last night, when I was getting the kids bags ready for school and sorting through their folders, I pulled this out of Ella's.  

It was a little book she made at school with pictures of flowers, love-hearts, girls with long hair and high heels, a list of her friends at HKIS and me.   Mummy.  

It's not the first little book of it's kind.  I find lots of these in various forms.  Pictures, notes, special glued bits of paper, folded fans.  Always with I love Mummy.  Don't worry, Daddy gets them too, but his say Joe.  

Mummy and Joe.  

Don't you love it?  We do.  How wonderful that the pictures she draws in her guided play time at school are all pictures that tell us how lucky we are to be loved by a sweet girl like her.

When I spoke with Ella about her book this morning, I had to ask about the picture on the last page.  It's me in your tummy, Mama.  We've been thinking lots about babies in tummies lately.  And while we've been waiting for my sister's baby to arrive, we've been telling them stories about when they were in mine.  Tonight, my sister's baby came out of her tummy.  

We're all excited.  Thrilled, to be exact.  We looked over and over at the two pictures my brother-in-law sent.  But, mostly it's Ella who keeps wanting to see them.  We don't know her name yet, so with every beep my phone made, Ella was eager for me to check the message.  Do you think that's the text that will tell us her name, Mummy?  My sister promised that by the morning, Ella will know it. 

It will be the first thing she asks when she wakes up.

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