Friday, March 9, 2012

My Stanley: Peggy

I have been wearing cashmere sweaters from Peggy's shop well before I even knew who she was.  Well before we moved to Hong Kong.  You see, my family and Peggy go way back.  It was my mum and dad who first started going to Peggy's cashmere shop.  Now we have family friends who want to see her when they come, my sisters like to stop there and of course, my mum and I see her, too.  My comfy oversized mens sweaters are all from her.

Running down the lane past Scarlett's and the hardware store.
Peggy used to have a shop right at the corner of where the lane with the hardware store (next to Scarlett) meets the main lane of the market.  Over a year ago, she was forced to shut down because she wasn't able to get the same supply of sweaters from the factory over in the mainland.  We were sad to see her close her shop (which she owns), but even more upset to see it become one of the first to turn into a trinket/cheap bag shop.  Luckily for us, she re opened in a side lane, near where she lives.

Bright colors for spring.
Sadly, a few days after I snapped these pics, she removed her stock of cashmere sweaters and sent them to New Zealand (her choice because she's not replenishing her stock of cashmere anyhow).  I'm not sure what she'll do now.  She does have summery clothes like maxi skirts and dresses, but I don't know if she'll even sell those anymore.

Peggy's new shop in the side lane just down from the hardware store.
I walk along this lane several times a week to and from art class with the kids.  The lane will be quite a bit more dull without the bright colors of her sweaters and her cheery enquiries after my father and the rest of my family.  Peggy is big part of My Stanley.

I love the fact that when we walk by, she usually has a good idea of what we're up to.
I hope she stays around.

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Coury Combs said...

Hi, it IS for sale. i forgot to put the link up. It's there now. :)

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