Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Laid up

I have been out of commission for the last two days.  Literally.  I think I've slept for most of both days.  Remarkable.  

I'll spare you the gory details of the sickness that has ravaged our house the last few days.  Poor Cally had the first bout of the stomach flu and now it's me.  My big boy came home today complaining of a sore tummy.  

Meanwhile, I'm getting ready to fly out to NYC on Friday to meet little Willa.

On her way home from the hospital last Thursday.

I'm hoping the sickness doesn't linger and that while I'm gone, the children are well.  I feel guilty enough leaving them for a week.


Michele Sullivan said...

Hope it's nothing more than a 24 hour bug. I can't think anything worse than traveling without full strength. Have a great time visiting your new, adorable niece!

iola said...

omg so lovely! rayban

gilly said...

Bah! I'm only just catching up on your blog (and others) now. This photo is so freakin' gorgeous. yum!

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