Monday, February 6, 2012

Cally talk

This little girl of mine; what an experience it is being her mother.  She pushes me to my very limits.  It's so interesting to see how she's come into our lives and really distinguished herself.  She's so like her siblings in many respects, yet so different.  She's tough.  Opinionated.  Oh, so loud (yet ironically, so afraid of loud noises and things).  

And, so smart.  She's sharp as a tack.  I know as she gets older, that unlike her siblings, I don't think I'll have to worry about her getting bossed around.

This look says it all.

She's such a silly one, too.  She's so clearly a ham.  She loves to make us laugh.  She's so expressive.  Her language just blossoms everyday.  I'm always amazed at how articulate all my children are.  

Take, for example, the latest expression of Cally's.  Poo books.  Do you know what they are?  At my parents's house, she spotted my father's pile of crosswords on the bathroom counter last week and called them poo books.  My dad thought this was great.

Last week when we were on holiday, as I went into her room to see she was awake, she asked me Mummy, are we done sleeping?  I wasn't, but she was.  The next day, she called out, Mummy! I'm all done sleeping now!

She's oh so finicky when it comes to eating.  Basically, the girl lives on rice, corn and bread.  Oh, and cereal, too.  I don't know how I'm ever going to get her to eat anything.  I've tried all the tricks and them some that worked with my other two.  She won't have a bar of it.  She won't even let you put anything she won't eat on her plate.  She rejects it and invariably tosses it onto someone else's plate.

But, when she's not being prickly and stubborn, she's being cute and cuddly.  And tender.  She caresses my face, strokes my hair, falls to pieces if she can't kiss me goodbye.  She loves to have all her people around her (to boss them around...and help them).

I can hardly believe she'll be three in only a few days.  
(She's wearing the cardigan that I knit her for her first birthday.  It finally fits!)

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Shan said...

Happy Birthday Cally! (your Amaya baby :)) Cardigan is so cute. You can pass it onto Remy when she's done. xo

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