Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Variations on a theme

Sometimes, without noticing it, I will find myself coming back to looks that are very similar.  I don't actually realize how alike they are until I've uploaded the images into my 'scrapbook of looks' on iPhoto and they appear next to each other.  (I know, I should get onto Pinterest).

It happened yesterday.

Vanessa Jackman

Refinery 29
The Sartorialist
I think that I keep coming back to these looks because they each have an element of masculine detail (the oxford shoe, a leather jacket, a flannel shirt) elegantly balanced with femininity.

So I tried my own take on these looks today.

And, I tried something new. Taking pictures with movement.  Anything to try to look into the camera.  Only one really turned out.

The others captured me mid blink or mid word as I was trying to give my daughter some instructions.

It's usually a short photo session with her because her little six year old hands get tired quickly carrying my heavy camera.

She's improving though, don't you think?

Outfit details: leather jacket - thrifted, top - Gap, skirt - H&M, black oxford shoes - Sam Edelman, brass picture hook necklace - Cat Street market, Michael Kors watch


emily said...

i like yours the most. and, not just because it's you.

Bri said...

Oh thats so cute, I bet watching her with the camera is adorable! I really enjoy these looks and get what you mean, my favorite black and white oxfords died on me and replacing them is proving rather difficult!

I really like that jacket of yours!

Robyn said...

I definitely think you pulled it off. I am loving the skirts in every photo. And I need to get into pinterest too, but from what I hear it becomes addictive. I don't have time for another obsessive hobby in my life.

Brandi said...

Your outfit is soooo cute! I can't believe you thrifted that jacket. And it goes perfect with that skirt!


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