Saturday, January 14, 2012

Kid Fun HK

One of the special things we did for Ella's birthday this year was to invite the lovely Adele from Kid Fun HK to come and do face painting and balloon bending for the kids.

I met her at a birthday party in October and was really impressed with not only her creative designs and quick work, but also with her management of the children she worked with.  So, I grabbed her card and thought I'd like to have her come for one of our children's parties.

We threw Ella's party together in only one week.  We usually don't really fuss much over our birthday parties because I don't think they need to be overdone.  Just a few close friends and some fun activities.  Ella's friends (and their parents) have all enjoyed Ella's parties because we like to have something laid back (complete with adult snacks and drinks) up by the fish pond.  We've been lucky to have sunny weather every year for the last three years.

I hadn't thought too much in advance about booking the face painting because we were in the middle of a busy holiday season.  I just took a chance and emailed Adele with less than a week's notice.  I was pleasantly surprised with her speedy reply and personable response to my request.

Now, in addition to her artistic creations and general good nature with the children, one more reason I'm so pleased with having her come to Ella's party is that when it came to dealing with business things, working with Adele felt more like working with a friend.

At the end of her time with us, she even offered to show Buddy how to bend balloons and make a sword.  He'd been given a balloon animal kit and pump and she was happy to show him some tricks.

He remembered how to do it all and recreated a sword for one of his friends just this week.

Seeing all the smiles on the kids painted faces made it worth every cent to have Kid Fun HK and I definitely plan to have Adele again. 

Check out her facebook page here and if you're in Hong Kong, give her a call to come to your party!


fashioneggpplant said...

she is good! love the designs on the kids :)

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Crystal Haines said...

how cute is this!? adorable!!

emily said...

oh, HOW i wish we were there. xo

Shan said...

Oh and there's a lovely picture of Amaya here too! How did she also manage to squeeze in next to the birthday girl? Very cheeky. Lovely party - thanks for the invitation. xo

Allison said...

Face painting was always my favourite part of every carnival! I use to shriek to high heavens when my mother tried to wash it off!

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