Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ella belle

My big girl turned 6 on Tuesday this week.

It was also our first day back to school, so we started the morning bright and early with a few presents on our bed.  I love how we start birthdays this way.  
And, it was easy to get everyone up when there is a birthday to celebrate.

Later in the afternoon, sweet May dropped over to give Ella a special present and card. 

The girls (including Ella's good friend and our neighbour Kaiya) were playing dress up.  We got Els her own dress up make up.  She was thrilled.  What girls we have.  They were so cute to watch.

May May gave Elly an Ariel barbie.  Before May graduated nearly two years ago, she used to come over and sing The Little Mermaid songs for Ella.

Cally photo bombs.  The girl loves to have her picture taken.
For Ella's birthday dinner, Ella requested we go to our usual birthday dinner place in Stanley, Spiaggia's (or Rolf's as we affectionately call it).  Rolf had set the table with left over New Year's hats and noise makers.  Ella walked right up behind Rolf and greeted him with a howdy! howdy! which is his usual greeting to us.  His response was, well I know this voice!  It was lovely.

Rolf made Ella a cake and showered her (and us) with his usual charm and personal attention, something which keeps this restaurant a favorite among all locals.

Cally photo bombs, again.  She's quite good at this.
All in all it was a good family birthday.  We are having a low key party for her (with friends) tomorrow.


Putri said...

happy birthday my darling elsy!!! i love you so much, it looks like it was such a very special day. i wish we could have been with you too but we'll celebrate together soon!

love you.

emily said...

six. i just can't believe it. happy, happy birthday, beautiful girl. xoxo

Jo - Lost in the Haze said...

Oh, happy birthday! The party looks so wonderful! <3

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