Sunday, January 22, 2012

Changes in Stanley Market

It's no secret, one of my favorite places to shop is Stanley Market.  I have these little shops that I always visit where the people know me.  They know I'm not a tourist.  They know I just like to poke around and explore what's new.  Sometimes, I'll find a treasure that I hadn't seen before.  Sometimes, I say joi gin or see you later and leave.  They know they'll see me again.

On the stairs just outside my coffee shop and near the newsstand.

One of the best places to look for treasures was the Salvo.  Sadly, they closed a month ago because of soaring rents in the market.  Days before they shut, I found my last treasure there - a pair of Prada heels.  I'm afraid to see what they open in it's place.  There are some great silk and linen shops in the market, too.  One of them closed a few months ago, the other closed last week.  Now there's only one left run by a Filipino women in the stairway of her apartment building.

Wearing my Tea and Tulips dress.

Stanley has great little places to find jewelry (like vintage looking jade bracelets and earrings, among other things).  There was an amazing lamp shop (and other beautiful ceramic things).  These two places also shut last week.  The lamp man had been there 20 years.  His rent doubled, forcing him into retirement.  It's almost ridiculous how quickly shops are closing.  And heartbreaking, too.  In their place, cheap trinket and fake bag shops have opened.  When I walk by, the salespeople call out to try to sell me things, unaware that I'm usually on my way to art, ballet, drums or the coffee shop.  Not a tourist.  Just going about my business.

Close up of my jade ring and necklace.

I like to wander the windy nooks of the market, the shortcuts that only people who live here know about.  To find new places to take outfit pictures.  Or just get where I'm going.

But every time I do, something is gone.  The vibe is changing.  And, I'm afraid, not for the better.  Stanley Market is losing it's charm.

Outfit details: dress - Tea and Tulips (Steffys Pros and Cons shop), vest - Shau Kei Wan market, boots - very old from college! earrings - Salvo closing sale, Michael Kors watch (birthday present), ring - a sweet gift from my lovely hubby and kids (from Ellis Jewellers a family business, also in the market), art deco jade necklace - one of my Stanley spots (luckily still open)

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