Thursday, December 29, 2011

Scenes from Christmas

A little glimpse of what our Christmas looked like...

We made Christmas cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve.

The house was all decorated with some of my favorites like these stackable Santas by the window.

Joey read The Night Before Christmas along with our family rendition of Wombat Divine (with the help of my uncle and neighbours since we were without the rest of the Tan clan).

Buddy was certain he saw Santa's sleigh in the sky and so they all ran over to check it out.

Except Cally.  She was a little freaked out about big Santa coming in her house.

She did help pick which cookies would go on our Christmas plate for Santa and Rudolph.  This year Buddy's only message in his letter was for a nose or hoof print.

Gathering around the tree for Christmas morning.

What a treat to have my Uncle Tony (a chef) cooking for us in our kitchen.

The best stuffing I've ever eaten.

Along with my uncle, my cousin Nik and his fiancee (they got engaged two days ago) flew in from Singapore on Christmas day.

Buddy's pressie from my uncle was this shirt and tie.  He loved it.  
And I love that I caught him smiling.

All the Rabino sisters (our Eva in white) and their families came too.  
It was so nice to have so much family around.

Our very dear neighbours, Mike and Semele, whose daughter Kaiya is one of Ella's best friends, joined us too.  They will soon have Eva's cousin helping them at home.

Joey and Uncle Tony worked hard, but had fun along the way.

The dinner was delicious...

 ...and the day was perfect.


Putri said...

we missed you so very much, but i'm so glad to see that you still had wonderful family surrounding you. love you sooo much.

emily said...

perfect, indeed. xo

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