Tuesday, December 13, 2011

In the spirit

In this last crazy week of madness before our Christmas break, the high school has become a hive of school spirit.  Each day is dedicated to a particular theme.  People who dress up can earn points for their class.  Teachers are invited to dress up, too.

It's always fun to take part, so some colleagues and I have taken on this challenge together.  I didn't participate on the first day, however.  Monday was fashion disaster day.  Despite NOT dressing for this, I was asked more than a few times if I was, starting with my cheeky hubby.  One of my friends at work said she had hoped with my eclectic sense of style that people wouldn't ask me if I was taking part.  Well, they did.

Here's what I wore...

I was quite pleased with this look - NOT a fashion disaster.

What do you think?  I'm quite fond of the belted sweater look.  
I even saw it on Street Peeper last night.

Tuesday was teacher-student swap day.  Students dress like teachers and teachers dress like students, pretty straightforward.  This was almost too easy for me.  And, it worked to my advantage because yesterday morning was chaotic in our house and left me very little time to think about an outfit.  

Imagine, however, how surprised I was to walk into my first class and find two of my students dressed like me!  And, throughout the day, I stumbled upon a few other Ms. Nolascos.  

I was totally flattered.  They had me pegged.  I hadn't realized that I had a signature look, but apparently, I do.  In fact, after yesterday, I'll be looking back to some of their interpretations of me for some style inspiration.


brummygem said...

i know i've already said it but i love the belted sweater/ dress/ and boots. i like your hair down as well. and your students did indeed capture your signature look! and in the last photo, i can't help noticing you and your mum are wearing almost identical outfits again! :-) x

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

Hehe, the students really captured you... I'm always amazed when mine even think of me as human... the teenagers obviously. The adults know I am!

Nav said...

love the outfit.

xo Nav

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