Thursday, December 8, 2011

Feeling Christmas-y

Probably the best thing about me and Buddy's birthday is that it marks the beginning of the Christmas season in our house.  We usually get our tree and begin decorating the weekend after our birthday.  This year, our birthday was on the weekend and we got to spend part of our birthday afternoon decorating the tree.  

It was lovely.

Ummmm...and little stressful.  Far gone are the days of careful placement of ornaments, taking time to balance out colors and fill gaps.  Joey and I used to spend much longer decorating than we do now.  With three little helpers, we had the tree finished in 30 minutes!  And, we have to be super aware of what little fingers are grabbing at on the table.  Our Little People Nativity set only keeps small people occupied for a little bit.

Now we have our ornaments labeled kid safe and breakable.  We take out the kid ones first and get them laid out on the table so they can just decorate at will.  Our tradition is to start with each person choosing a favorite ornament to put on first.  Buddy's is his porcelain fire truck, a gift from Uncle Jared and Emmy.  I like the little blue teapot.  Joey always chooses the wooden Santa.  Cally and Ella usually choose something sparkly.  

We did very little rearranging of ornaments this year because the kids did such a beautiful job.  Most of what we did move was just to space out the decorations (or get them to use more than just one branch of the tree). 

When we tucked the kids in, we asked ourselves, do we leave the tree as it is or do we fix it up a bit?  We both agreed that it looks quite perfect as is.  And, I like that it actually looks like my kids decorated it.  Christmas is so special for them, after all.  It's so magical.

And this year it really is.  Cally really gets it.  Everywhere we go, she's thrilled at the sight of Christmas decorations - the big ones at the malls, outdoor displays, in coffee shops - she gasps everytime she sees them.  When we are out, she'll often shout, Mummy, I want to see the Christmas! or in other words, hurry up.  

Just this week, my mum recorded her singing her favorite carol of the season, Dingle Bell.  I'll try to get it on video to share.  It's so cute.

Hope your holiday season is taking shape, too.  We have five more school days to go!

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