Sunday, November 6, 2011

Skater boy

Buddy has come a long way since he first started skateboarding three years ago.  You can see a video of when he first started skateboarding here.

Lately, he's working on ollies over cracks in the pavement and drain covers as well as jumping off curbs.

One of his very good friends has taken an interest in skateboarding too, so when they aren't playing soccer, they're on their boards.  It's cute.  They're both a little scruffy and lanky, and they just make me think about what my Joey and his friends might have looked like when they were young skaters.

Of course, my Joey is a skateboarding adult now.  Watching him yesterday, with his longer hair tucked behind his ears, showing Buddy how to balance his weight on his back foot, I realized that he would have been my type in high school, too.  I had a thing for skaters.

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