Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

This year's costume line up consisted of Cinderella, Tinkerbell and my personal favorite, Harry Potter.

Buddy has been really into Harry Potter after reading the first book with his father, so the choice of costume was a no brainer for him.  We had to get a bit creative to make it more authentic so he and I painted a tie for him and Joey printed off the crest of Griffindore house for his cloak.

We went trick or treating in our old neighborhood in Stanley.  The weather was really lovely and the kids had fun.  As I write this, the girls are counting their candy (and probably trying to figure out a way for me to let them eat a lolly before brekky).

The downside to living on campus is that we had no trick or treaters at our house.  Not even one.  I'll have to think of a way to get all that candy out of here.

Earlier in the evening, we carved our pumpkin.  Carving your pumpkin too early in Hong Kong results in mushy moldy mess.  We learned that the hard way our first year.

The kids loved getting messy with pumpkin guts, well except for Cally.  Every time she stepped on a seed, she gagged.

See how Cally notices the weird feeling on her feet?
It was absolutely hilarious.


emily said...

i feel like i'm always writing this: "oh, cally!!"
hilarious AND adorable.

Monique said...

ahhh soo cute!

MER BAGS said...

looks like sooooo much fun! halloween is the best!

Putri said...

That is hilarious....the gag reflex definitely runs in the family! Little Cally! Looks like everyone is having so much fun. Love you.


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