Friday, October 28, 2011

When the wind blows...

Oh, the blustery days of Hong Kong Fall.  I was not expecting the wind as I scrambled to catch the last minutes of daylight.

The light chiffon fabric of my skirt made for a fun session of picture taking.  But I like how the wind helped highlight the flowy quality of my skirt.  And, it's really such a gorgeous skirt.  I feel like a ballerina, floating around, whenever I wear it.  It is the ultimate princess as Cally would say.  Hard not to feel like one in it.

Ella thought I should hold the frangipani that she picked up off the ground for me.  It's one of my favorite flowers and we have several trees nearby our house, so she and Cally are always bringing me these.  I'm so spoiled by these sweet girls.

Sweet Ella gives me the flower to hold.

Outfit details:  chiffon midi skirt - Stanley Market, v-neck wool sweater - Shau Kei Wan Market ( the little old Chinese men wear these as undershirts in the winter, so I'm told), 
vintage Native American turquoise necklace - gift from my hubby


Monique said...

lovely outfit and accessories...i love the pop of turquoise with the neutrals

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