Thursday, October 13, 2011


Here's another Fancy Treehouse find.  What drew me to this dress was it's color.  I think it's quite possible that royal blue is my favorite color.

Worn with my favorite shoes, of course.

I was worried that this maxi dress might be too glamorous for school.  When I unpacked it, Joey wondered where I might wear it, to a wedding?

Oh no, not at school!

Who said school teachers can't wear glamorous dresses to work?

Not me.

The hair was a challenge, though.  It was quite possibly one of the windiest days we've had yet, and I decide to wear my hair up in swirls, bobby pinned at the back of my head.  I was inspired by this tutorial which I found through My Style Pill, but I think my hair looked more like a bird's nest.  That's why there are no pictures of it.

Outfit details: dress - Fancy Treehouse, Cooperative shoes - UO, jacket- Cotton On, 
Necklace/bracelets - Hong Kong markets


lisa cole said...

you look so cute in that dress :)
you can definitely wear that to work, no such thing as too dressy!

brummygem said...

beautiful dress, beautiful colour! i'm also loving the necklace. x

Patricia said...

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many hugs!.xxx

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