Saturday, September 10, 2011

It's a jumpsuit

The hubby took these pics on Monday, the day before I got slammed with this flu virus that knocked me back for the rest of the week.  (Five days later, and I'm still not right).  We had just a few moments of daylight left to catch, and he had sussed out this spot overlooking the bay at school.

I found the jumpsuit (romper, onesie, whatever....) in one of those market shops that specializes in clothes that come in free size.  It's super comfy, the legs are tapered at the ankle and are billowy in a MC Hammer kind of way.  Sorry, there's no way to make that sound fashionable.

I've been noticing (and admiring) jumpsuits on the street style blogs I've been reading, so I was eager to try one for myself.

Here's one I found on The Locals, a street style blog from Denmark. I love how this woman uses red accents (the shoes, the handbag and the bracelet) with her black and white jumpsuit.

And, though Cally asked me why I wasn't wearing a princess (her word for long skirts and dresses), I think I quite like this look.  I don't think she objected, in the end.

Given the simple (and monotone) quality of this outfit, I thought it would be a good time to wear one of my favorite *statement* necklaces.  To distract...just in case the jumpsuit look didn't go so well.

But I think it did.

Outfit details: jumpsuit - Stanley Market, turquoise necklace - a gift from the hubby, bought from a consignment shop specializing in native american jewelry and clothing, sandals - custom made copy of my sister's sandals.

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