Wednesday, September 28, 2011

In the genes

How hilarious is this?  

I got to school today to discover that my mum and I were dressed nearly identically.  Quite by accident.  
It was bound to happen one of these days since we have many of the same or similar articles of clothing.Our colleagues got a kick out of it, too.  Hence, the picture.
My sisters tell me I'm turning into our mother.  

I think this is solid proof.


brummygem said...

ok that really IS hilarious. give my love to your mum - she looks just like i remember her from when i last saw her 20 years ago... x

emily said... this is awesome.

Shan said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I think could think of no better mother to turn in to. She's the bomb! Thanks also for the buck up in your previous post. I see people are hitting me on your blog too. So glad you are back. We got the call to Hong Kong this month, but will need to wait until January 2013 when husband finishes his MBA. Shan xo

gilly said...

brilliant. x's to both of you.

amischmashedlife said...

You ladies are gorgeous! And hilarious too! :)

audrey said...

whoa!! this is awesome. it's amazing just how similar it is - shirt cuffed the same, tied the same, both in black strappy sandals. . . you both look fantastic.

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