Saturday, September 3, 2011

DIY sarong skirt

I debuted my DIY sarong skirt the other day.  I must say, I'm really pleased with how it turned out.  And while I can't really say that I did it myself, at least the idea was mine.  I really must learn to use a sewing machine because I can't keep sending things over to the Philippines to get them made, and I'm really not a fan of trekking up to Shenzhen just for a bit of tailoring.

I think this skirt will be a great transition to fall piece, too.  I'm longing for weather where I won't be sweating within an hour of getting dressed each morning.  Those days may not come until November.  Unfortunately.

I got bored with my balcony for outfit shots, so the hubby and I went into the alleyways of Stanley to take some pics while Buddy was at art.

These are taken at the top end of that pink alley I've used before and are all taken using Hipstamatic on the hubby's iPhone.

Joey says I'm always looking down or away in my outfit poses.  I've got to perhaps figure a way to look into the camera and not look silly.  

Any ideas?

Outfit details:  DIY sarong skirt/ top by Club Monaco (did I just wear it? Oops!) / most jewelry and scarf  from Stanley Market / Seychelles shoes


brummygem said...

skirt looks great and i love the necklace too... x

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

Your necklace is gorgeous. You can look just above the camera so you're not looking straight into it, but also not down.

Norbyah said...

Thanks Kallie, I'll give it a try. The necklace was a awesome find at the Brooklyn flea market (Artists and Fleas).

audrey said...

what a great skirt - it will be TOTALLY perfect for fall, length, colors and all. i, too, struggle with can't-look-into-camera syndrome; let me know if you find a cure.

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