Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My double life

So, it's 10:45 pm after my first day of school this year.  Buddy started back today, Ella starts big school tomorrow, and Cally begins next week.

I'm finally finished with all the preparations for school: making lunches, packing school bags, signing forms, etc.  Now, I'm finally really to switch to my other life and do some school work or maybe take a peek at some of my blogs.

I'm exhausted.  These last few days, I feel like I've been leading a double life.   That sounds glamorous and exciting, though.  I don't feel glamorous and exciting.  I'm buggered.

I just wish the first two weeks of school were already over.  Not that I wish to rush through the excitement of these next two weeks.  We've got some milestones happening.  Upper Primary for Buddy, Ella on the same bus with him to HKIS, and Cally off to nursery.  I can't believe I will have three kids in school!  But still, if the first two weeks were over, I'd already be in the swing of things.

Right now, I feel like I'm living two separate lives - that of a teacher and that of a mother.  And, to be honest, I feel like I'm sucking at both.  I can't seem to balance them.  I feel like I'm always missing something or forgetting something, and I don't want to miss anything with the kiddos this week.  Don't even ask me when the last decent conversation was with the hubby.

Sigh.  Oh well.  I'll get there eventually.

The Sartorialist, Stockholm

In the meantime, isn't this girl cute?  She seems to have it all together.  I love the little black socks with the sandals.  The sweater vest for a dress.  That top knot.

Do you think this look could work for school teacher?  Or a mum?  I think so.


brummygem said...

hey norn, i know you are a great mum and i'm sure you are a great teacher too... hang in there... remember that you are only human. nobody can do everything at once. things will get better. hope the first week of school goes well for the kiddoes as well as for you. xx

amischmashedlife said...

Hang in there N! My daughter just started school for 3x a week and I am already struggling with balance. I cannot even begin to imagine having 3 kids who all go to school!! I am amazed at how you do it. Now on to a lighter note, I think you can pull that look off, on and off the classroom. At first glance I thought it was you :)

gilly said...

WHAT??? What are you telling me? That when the kids all start school and I go back to work it DOESN'T get easier only different difficult? Bugger. I'm sure you're handling it all beautifully though and I shall be coming to you for tips!

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