Friday, August 26, 2011

More first days...

I can't forget the other important firsts last week...

First day of  Upper Primary - Grade 3 "across the bridge."  It's a huge deal, people.  He now has a cafeteria at school and buys his lunch there once or twice a week.  And, he now comes home with a school planner.  Whoa.

My third grader.

All together at the start of a new school year.

Their two special 'made by Obbie' MER bags.

Big girl off to big school.

Cally knows she's next.

First day at 'big' school - Reception 2

Ella sits on the bus with her very good friend, who recently moved into our neighborhood.  They've been friends since well before nursery school and I'm so pleased they get to sit together.  It makes me less anxious about any bullying that might happen on the bus.  (Am I the only mum that worries about this? I just remember how Buddy felt scared and intimidated by the bigger kids and decided he wouldn't go to swimming anymore.  We haven't been able to get him to entertain the idea since then, two years ago).

Best friends on the bus together.

It's a busy time having three kids in school.  Lunches to pack each night, bags to get ready with swimming suits or signed forms, three separate schedules to keep straight.  I don't know how I'll have the energy to keep up!

Looking a lot like Ella did three years ago.

And before I finish, I can't forget the hubby.  It's Joey's first year as a newly minted PE teacher.

A sweet kiss from Daddy.

All smiles on her exciting day.

When I feel stressed about the hurried pace of our lives these days, I have to remind myself to smile because I know how incredibly fortunate we are to all be so happy about school.

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