Tuesday, August 2, 2011

End of summer blues

I'm missing my sisters.  They left yesterday, so I'm left feeling mizzy.  
I know I've blogged about it before, but it really feels like a part of me is missing now.
We really are the three headed monster.

But now we have attachments.  And, they're missing their cousin like crazy.  
They're mizzy, too.
Cally keeps asking where Milo is...in airplane? in New York?  
Yesterday, as the van pulled away, she said Mummy, I want to go!

This year, a picture of all four was a bit harder than last summer.
Don't even talk to me about work.


emily said...

thinking of you. i know how hard it is, every. single. time. xo

audrey said...

i went out to eat with a bunch of girlfriends on friday and we all ended up talking about how much we miss our families. it's the hardest thing, i think - trying to decide what's more important, your job, your friends, the city you love - or your family. i wish i could have it both ways, too. i also have two sisters and i miss them every single day.

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